Perl scripts used in this server

Sākumlapa LVŠī lapa latviešu valodā

Availability of the scripts
Image galery
Guest Book
Form templates
URL redirector

Availability of the scripts

This scripts could be freely distributed and used under following conditions:

  1. the scripts should contain the copyright message;
  2. the scripts and its derivatives must be free of charge;
  3. the scripts could not be included in commercial software.

Image gallery

This script is for image browsing. It is possible to edit image descriptions and search through these descriptions. It is NOT possible to edit, move or upload images with this script. The image gallery is based on the file system.

textFull description

Examples of Image Galleries:

perlThe latest version of the Image gallery

Guest Book

This script is for signing and reading a guest book. Comments can be added to the records.

textThe full descripton of the Guest Book

Examples of Guest Books:

perlThe latest version of the Guest Book

Form templates

This script is for maintaining Questionaries or Registration forms.

textThe full descripton of the Form Templates

Examples of an Questionnaire:

perlThe latest version of the Form Templates

URL redirector


perlThe latest version

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