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Baltic University Students Conference 2014

Rogow, Poland 23 – 27 April 2014

Green Economy and Greening University
Students in Action

Latviju var pārstāvēt 6 studenti, vēlams, no dažādām augstskolām. Priekšroka studentiem, kas līdz šim nav piedalījušies BUP pasākumos.

Lai students pieteiktos konferencei, tam līdz 14. martam ieskaitot jāatsūta uz epastu kristine. abolina at lu. lv:

  • motivācijas vēstuli angļu valodā, norādot savu saistību (darbi, idejas, skatījums) ar konferences tēmu – vēlams apm. 1 lpp;
  • CV (latviski vai angliski);
  • sava pasniedzēja ieteikuma vēstuli (var latviski) attiecībā uz studenta aktivitāti/motivāciju, kā arī angļu valodas zināšanām.

Latvijas studentu pieteikumus novērtēs 3 pasniedzēji un no iegūto punktu skaita būs skaidri braucēji.

Jau iepriekš pateicos par Jūsu atsaucību,
Kristīne Āboliņa
BUP Latvijas centra direktore.

Informācija par konferenci no BUP sekretariāta Upsalā:

This is the first announcement of this year’s Spring students’ conference. The Baltic University Programme will cover the expenses for the participants in connection with the conference – accommodation, full board, bus trip Warsaw – Rogow – Warsaw, trip to Lodz included. Travel costs to and from Warsaw will be the responsibility of the participants and their universities. BUP Centers and teachers are kindly asked to advice and help students to find financial support for their travel costs. Please also read below information about small grants.

Baltic University Students Conference 2014

Rogow, Poland 23 – 27 April, 2014

The Baltic University Programme will arrange this spring students conference in Rogów, Poland, on April 23 – 27 (Wednesday – Sunday).With this letter we have the pleasure to welcome all students who have studied any of our courses, as well as students coming from the universities that signed the inter-university agreement with the Baltic University Programme, to apply for participation in the conference.

Theme of the conference 2014
Green Economy and Greening University – Students in Action

 Students will deepen their knowledge and get an opportunity to know more about the concept of green economy and students’ active roles in the process of greening university and their possibilities to influence change in order to find new outlooks for a more sustainable world around them – in their own universities, cities, and countries. The programme is based on active participation in panel discussions, workshops, the Baltic Debate, students’ posters etc. One session is devoted to the BUP Students’ Parliament, with election of next year’s student member to the BUP international board.


 This year’s conference will take place in Rogów, a didactic-scientific centre belonging to The Warsaw University of Life Science (about 50 km from Lodz, Poland (


Leśny Zakład Doświadczalny SGGW w Rogowie
ul. Akademicka 20
95-063 ROGÓW
tel. 48-46 874-90-31, fax 48-46 874-90-08


The conference will start on Wednesday, 23rd of April at 17:00 and end
on Sunday, 27th of April at 09:30.


A bus will be waiting for all students at the central railway station in Warsaw (Warszawa Centralna) on Wednesday, 23rd of April at 13:00. The meeting place – in front of the tickets’ desks at the main hall at the station.

The bus will take all students to Rogów, where we expect to start the conference at 17:00. Please remember to let the BUP Centre in Lodz and Maria Hejna know your arrival time!!!! (Maria. Hejna at csduppsala. uu. se)


Please notice that on Sunday, 27th of April, we are leaving Rogow by bus at 09:30 and we will be in Warszawa at about 14:00 so please book your travel back from Warszawa starting no earlier than 14:00.


This year’s conference will be, traditionally, a common undertaking between the Technical University of Lodz, which will again serve as the hosting institution with Prof. Ireneusz Zbicinski from the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering as the local organizer, and the Baltic University Programme secretariat at Uppsala University with Maria Hejna as the main organizer.

We thank our BUP Centre for Poland with director Prof. Ireneusz Zbicinski, Halina Marczak, Dorota Michalak, and Krzysztof Ciesielski, for their dedicated and work and support for the programme We thank our host, Prof. Jozef Mosiej from the Warsaw University of Life Science, for receiving us again in Rogow and for his continuing support

To our help we will have an international Students Planning Team that will make sure that this conference will meet your expectations and be the best event ever!

Important information for participating students

The Baltic University Programme will cover all expenses for the participants during their visit in Rogów in connection with the conference (accommodation, full board, bus trip Warszawa-Rogow-Warsaw, trip to Lodz included).

Travel costs to and from Warsaw will be the responsibility of the participants and their universities. Centers and teachers are kindly asked to advice and help students to find financial support for their travel costs. For contact information to the BUP national Centers please have a look at:

There will be a small possibility to apply for a travel grant from the BUP Secretariat in Uppsala for partial reimbursement of travel costs. Those students who are not able to find funding for their travel at their home universities/faculties/unions/parents/foundations/others, may apply for a travel grant at the BUP Secretariat in Uppsala, an application form is enclosed. As usual, budget travel is required. Please once writing to us inform to whom and when you have applied to find the money to cover your travel to the conference and let us know the reason for refusal – if possible please attach the copy of your application and the received answer. Note that only very few such scholarships will be granted. Please observe that the proper application must be sent to the BUP secretariat/Maria Hejna for consideration no later than April 7th.

Do not hesitate to contact me or the BUP Centre in Lodz in case of further questions.
 With best wishes
Maria Hejna

Main organizer:

The Baltic University Programme main office, Uppsala University
Maria Hejna
Box 256, 751 05 Uppsala, Sweden
tel. 46-18-471 17 86
mobile 46-70-425 00 87
fax: 46-18-471 17 89
20, 2014, 6:04Fakultātes Zirneklītis
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