Geographical codes used in Flora Europaea


The following qualifiers can be applied to each of the geographical indicators:

[...]Not native
*Status doubtful; possibly native
?Occurrence doubtful

Geographical codes

The geographical distribution of each taxon is indicated by a series of two letter codes. The following table lists the codes and their associated geographical region, Click on one of the codes below to move to that entry in the table.

[Al] [Au] [Az] [Be] [Bl] [Br] [Bu] [Co] [Cr] [Cz] [Da] [Fa] [Fe] [Ga] [Ge] [Gr] [Hb] [He] [Ho] [Hs] [Hu] [Is] [It] [Ju] [Lu] [No] [Po] [Rm] [Rs] [Sa] [Sb] [Si] [Su] [Tu]

Two letter codeGeographical region
AuAustria with Liechtenstein
BlIslas Baleares
BrBritain, including Orkney, Zetland and Isle of Man; excluding Channel Islands and Northern Ireland
CrKriti (Creta) with Karpathos, Kasos and Gavdhos
FeFinland (Fennia), including Ahvenanmaa (Åland Islands)
GaFrance (Gallia), with the Channel Islands (Îles Normandes) and Monaco; excluding Corse
GrGreece, excluding those islands included under Kriti (supra) and those which are outside Europe as defined for Flora Europaea
HbIreland (Hibernia); both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
HeSwitzerland (Helvetia)
HoNetherlands (Hollandia)
HsSpain (Hispania) with Gibraltar and Andora; excluding Islas Baleares
IsIceland (Islandia)
ItItaly, including the Arcipelago Toscano; excluding Sardegna and Sicilia
LuPortugal (Lusitania)
RsTerritories of the former U.S.S.R.
SbSvalbard, comprising Spitsbergen, Björnöya (Bear Island) and Jan Mayen
SiSicilia, with Pantelleria, Isole Pelagie, Isole Lipari and Ustica; also the Malta archipelago
SuSweden (Suecia), including Öland and Gotland
TuTurkey (European part), including Gökçeada (Imroz)

Extended abbreviations for Russian sub-divisions

The territories of the former U.S.S.R. have been sub-divided using the floristic divisions of Komarov's Flora U.R.S.S. These sub-divisions have been assigned abbreviations using extensions of the 'Rs' two letter code. The following table details the extended abbreviations.

Extended abbreviationGeographical region
Rs(N)Northern Division: Arctic Europe, Karelo-Lapland, Dvina-Pecora
Rs(B)Baltic Division: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kaliningradskaja Oblast'
Rs(C)Central Division: Ladoga-Ilmen, Upper Volga, Volga-Kama, Upper Dnepr, Volga-Don, Ural
Rs(W)South-western Division:Moldavia, Middle Dnepr, Black Sea, Upper Dnestr
Rs(K)Krym (Crimea)
Rs(E)South-eastern Division: Lower Don, Lower Volga, Transvolga

Areas not explicitly coded are White Russia (Bjelorussija) which is entirely in Rs(C). Ukraine, which is largely in Rs(W), but small parts are in Rs(C), Rs(E) and Rs(K). The European part of Kazakhstan which is in Rs(E).

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