Chorological Problems in the European Flora

VIII Meeting of the Committee for Mapping the Flora of Europe
August 8-10 1997, University of Helsinki, Finland
? The Botanical Museum of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki, hosted the VIII Meeting of the Committee for Mapping the Flora of Europe, in cooperation with the Academy of Finland, the University of Helsinki, the City of Helsinki and Societas Biologica Fennica Vanamo.

Organizing Committee:

  • Chair: Pertti Uotila, Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki, and Societas Biologica Fennica Vanamo
  • Jaakko Jalas, Committee for Mapping the Flora of Europe
  • Juha Suominen, Committee for Mapping the Flora of Europe
  • Arto Kurtto, Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki
  • Raino Lampinen, Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki
  • Secretary: Leena Helynranta


The scientific programme included invited lectures and contributed short oral presentations as well as posters. These have been published in 'Uotila, P. (ed.) 1999: Chorological Problems in the European Flora. Proceedings of the VIII Meeting of the Commitee for Mapping the Flora of Europe. -- Acta Botanica Fennica 162: 1-196.


Juha Suominen, Helsinki

State of Atlas Florae Europaeae - past and present

Tapani Lahti & Raino Lampinen, Helsinki

The Atlas Florae Europaeae database

Marc Roekaerts, Houthalen

Towards standardisation of the UTM 50x50 km grid

Richard Pankhurst, Edinburgh

Overview of European floristic and taxonomic databases

Peter Schönfelder, Regensburg

Mapping the flora of Germany

Raoul Palese, Chambésy

Why and how to cartography today's Swiss flora

Arto Kurtto & Raino Lampinen, Helsinki Atlas of the distribution of vascular plants in Finland
Gonzalo Nieto-Feliner, Madrid Vascular plant distribution in the Iberian Peninsula: current projects
Stephen Jury, Reading & Moh Rejdali, Rabat Spanish plants of interest in Morocco
Arne Strid, Copenhagen From Flora Graeca to Flora Hellenica - on the botanical exploration of Greece
Kit Tan, Copenhagen Biodiversity in the Greek Brassicaceae
Arno Wörz, Stuttgart Distribution pattern of the genus Astrantia (Apiaceae, Saniculoideae)
Chris Humphries, Paul Williams, Miguel Araujo (London) & Pertti Uotila, Tapani Lahti, Raino Lampinen (Helsinki) World-Map - analyzing map data for diversity, rarity and representative areas
Vadim Tikhomirov, Moscow Regional problems in Russian chorology
Harald Niklfeld & Walter Gutermann Vienna: Ranking of taxonomy and status - a Central European view
Attila Borhidi, Vacratot Origin and migration of the continental elements in SE-Europe
Vladimir Czopik, Nikolay Fedoronchuk, Kiev & Andriy Yena, Simferopol Ukrainian view of Europe flora mapping problems
Vladimir Stevanovic, Beograd Taxonomical and chorological problems of the mountain flora of W. & C. Balkans
John Edmondson, Liverpool The Euro-Mediterranean inititiative in plant systematics
Christopher Preston, Abbots Ripton Phytogeographical studies of the British Flora: a review of recent developments
Benito Valdes & Raquel Parra, Sevilla Difficulties to fix chorological limits in marginal areas: SW Europe
Timo Koponen, Helsinki The new Botanical garden in Helsinki
Kazimierz Browicz, Kórnik Chorological connection of woody Rosaceae between SE Europe and SW Asia
Heinrich Weber, Vechta Present stage of taxonomy and mapping of blackberries (Rubus) in Europe
Sulejman Redzic, Sarajevo Chorological - ecological differentiation of the genus Potentilla in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula
Örjan Nilsson, Uppsala Wild roses in Norden: taxonomic discussions
Sigurd Fröhner, Nossen Erforschung der Gattung Alchemilla in Europa
Jeanette Fryer (Petersfield) & B. Hylmö (Bjuv) Cotoneasters of Europe

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Del Prete, C., Modena The O.P.T.I.M.A. project for mapping Mediterranean Orchids: the Italian contribution
Del Prete, C., Dallai, D., Bedini, G. & Sgarbi, E., Modena Mapping karyological data of European and Mediterranean orchids
Gamarra, R., Madrid Distribution maps of steppic plants in the Iberian Peninsula and adjacent regions
Kagalo, A., L'viv Fabaceae in the flora of the western Ukraine: taxonomy and chorology
Kagalo, A. & Sytschak, N., L'viv The preliminary results of the project "Chorology of the Western Ukrainian Flora"
Kramina, T., Moscow Possible approaches to computerization of AFE
Leht, M. & Reier, Ü., Tartu Potentilla fruticosa L. in Estonia and Latvia
Meyden, R. van der, Leiden Dispersal Codes for Europe, indicating the degree of actual gene flow from cultivated plants to the wild flora, as deduced from data in the national herbaria. A tool in the field of biosafety of plant GMO's.
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Poldini, L., Vidali, M. & Oriolo, G., Trieste Chorological atlas: territorial information systems
Raimondo, F., Palermo The mapping of threatened plants in Sicily
Ulle, Z.G., Syktyvkar Mapping the flora of Pechora-Ilych nature reserve
Yena, A., Simferopol Problems of mapping coastal flora of the Crimea (Ukraine)
Zajac, M. & Zajac, A., Krakow Local cartogramme project for vascular plant distribution in Poland