Country and territory definitions

Country and 'territory' abbreviations agree with Fl. Eur., but are updated as concerns Czechoslovakia, Jugoslavia and the U.S.S.R.
Click the territory abbreviation to see a generalised overview map (not a map to be used in data recording!) of the terrestrial grid cells.

Al Albania
Au Austria, with Liechtenstein
Az Ašores (Azores)
Be Belgium, with Luxembourg
Bel Belarus (Belorussia; Upper Dnepr part of Rs(C))
Bl Islas Baleares
Br Britain, without the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland
Bu Bulgaria
Co Corse
Cr Kriti (Creta), with Karpathos, Kasos and Gavdhos
Cze Czech Republic (part of Cz)
Da Denmark (Dania)
Est Estonia (part of Rs(B))
Fa FŠr÷er
Fe Finland (Fennia)
Ga France (Gallia), with the Channel Islands and Monaco; excluding Corse
Ge Germany
Gr Greece; excluding those islands included under Kriti and those which are outside Europe as defined for Fl. Eur.
Hb Ireland (Hibernia); both the republic and Northern Ireland
He Switzerland (Helvetia)
Ho Netherlands (Hollandia)
Hrv Croatia (Hrvatska; part of Ju)
Hs Spain (Hispania), with Gibraltar and Andorra; excluding Islas Baleares
Hu Hungary
Is Iceland (Islandia)
It Italy; excluding Sardegna and Sicilia as defined below
Jug Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and F.Y.R. Macedonia (part of Ju; excluding Croatia and Slovenia)
Kaz Kazakhstan (European part; part of Rs (E))
Kry Krym (Crimea, Rs (K))
Lat Latvia (part of Rs (B))
Lit Lithuania, with Kaliningradskaja 'oblast of Russia (part of Rs (B))
Lu Portugal (Lusitania); excluding Ašores
No Norway, excluding Svalbard as defined below
Po Poland
Rm Romania
Rus Russia (European part; Rs), excluding Bel (Upper Dnepr part of Rs(C), Est, Lat and Lit (Rs(B)), Kaz (Kazakhstan part of Rs(E), Kry (Rs(K)) and Ukr (Rs(W))
Rus(N) Rossia, Northern division: Arctic Europe, Karelo-Lapland, Dvina-Pecora (including the whole of Russian Karelia)
Rus(C) Rossia, Central division: Ladoga-Ilmen, Upper-Volga, Volga-Kama, Upper Dnepr, Volga-Don, Ural (including the entire Leningradskaya oblast', and excluding Belarus)
Rus(E) South-eastern division: Lower Don, Lower Volga, Transvolga (excluding the European part of Kazakhstan)
Sa Sardegna
Sb Svalbard, comprising Spitsbergen, Bj÷rn÷ya (Bear Island) and Jan Mayen
Si Sicilia, with Pantelleria, Isole Pelagie, Isole Lipari and Ustica; including Malta
Sla Slovakia (part of Cz)
Sle Slovenia (part of Ju)
Su Sweden (Suecia)
Tu Turkey (European part), including Imroz
Ukr Ukraine and Moldova; excluding Krym (approximately = Rs (W))