Install Win32 OpenSSH

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Install Win32 OpenSSH (test release)

  1. Note these considerations and project scope first.
  2. Download the latest build of OpenSSH. To get links to latest downloads this wiki page. A Chocolatey package is also available if you prefer using Chocolatey. For compatibility issues on Nano see issues on Nano. If you're interested in a PowerShell script to automate installation and configuration check out this issue.
  3. Extract contents of the latest build to C:\Program Files\OpenSSH (better use path without spaces, e.g., C:\PRG\OpenSSH).
  4. Start Windows Powershell as Administrator
  5. Navigate to the OpenSSH directory
  6. On Windows 10, if you've enabled Developer Mode, you probably have another implementation of SSH installed on your machine. To figure out if this is the case, look for TCP port bindings on port 22 and these services: “SSH Server Broker” and “SSH Server Proxy”
  7. Install sshd and ssh-agent services.
  8. Generate SSH host keys
  9. Secure SSH host keys (optional)
  10. Open the firewall on TCP port 22 to allow inbound SSH connections
  11. Setup sshd and ssh-agent to auto-start (optional)

Note: New-NetFirewallRule is for servers only. If you're on a client desktop machine (like Windows 10) try:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=SSHPort dir=in action=allow protocol=TCP localport=22

Uninstall Win32 OpenSSH