Complete solution to accessing the
Internet from the LAN

Running either on Windows 9x, Windows NT or Windows 2000, Proxy+ works as a firewall proxy server and mail server allowing all workstations on your LAN access the Internet via the TCP/IP protocol

crossanim.gif (209 bytes) Firewall increases security by separating LAN from the Internet
crossanim.gif (209 bytes) Disc cache with advanced manageability
crossanim.gif (209 bytes) Mail server with intranet mail capability
crossanim.gif (209 bytes) Automatic sorting of incoming messages
crossanim.gif (209 bytes) Automatic dialing/hanging-up of a switched telephone line
crossanim.gif (209 bytes) Support of synchronous and asynchronous dedicated line
crossanim.gif (209 bytes) WWW server for intranet
crossanim.gif (209 bytes) Management of all functions via a WWW interface
crossanim.gif (209 bytes) Lifetime free upgrade, free e-mail support
crossanim.gif (209 bytes) Full function 3-user free version, 31-days unlimited trial free version

Connection to the Internet

  • dedicated (synchronous or asynchronous) or switched line connection
  • only one IP address, which can be allocated dynamically by the ISP
  • automatic dialing at user's or mail server's request
  • automatic hang-up after a defined period of inactivity
  • week scheduler for an alternate hang-up timeout
  • support of ISP modem multiseries
  • manual dial/hang-up via a WWW interface

Firewall / proxy server

  • separates the LAN from the Internet to protect from attacks
  • Insecure interfaces (connected to the Internet) are detected automatically
  • cache increases speed of data retrieval and enables the use of data even if a connection isn't established
  • proxy cascading enables the use of a parent proxy with or without ICP protocol support
  • if the ICP protocol is used it is possible to define a few cooperative proxy servers at two levels: parents (at ISP) and siblings (at partnership company)
  • ICP protocol effectively detects temporarily dead proxy servers and gives users continuous access to requested objects
  • ability to access a listed source server directly (where access is enabled for permitted IP addresses)

Supported protocols and services:

  • HTTP proxy for access to WWW pages
  • HTTPS proxy for access to secured WWW pages
  • FTP proxy for access to data at FTP servers directly from a WWW browser
  • FTP gateway for access to FTP servers by FTP clients
  • Telnet gateway enables terminal access by the Telnet protocol
  • RealAudio proxy for playing audio/video distributed in RealAudio protocol
  • SOCKS version 4 and 5 for the access of programs using SOCKS protocols
  • POP3 mapped link enables easy communication between mail client and mail servers in Internet without using Proxy+ mail server
  • DNS forwarder translates domain names to IP addresses
  • Mapped links enable the use of protocols without proxy support (for instance IRC services)

Disc cache

  • data stored to the cache from WWW and FTP servers increases the speed of retrieval by other users
  • supports HTTP version 1.1
  • advanced configuration of cached data validity verification
  • explicit time-to-live of cached objects
  • disabling of cache storage configurable

Mail server

  • sends and receives mail for many Internet mail boxes at one time using the POP3 protocol
  • full SMTP mail server for one or more domains 
  • messages from an e-mail box can be distributed to user groups
  • sorting of incoming messages according to configurable rulesets
  • users can send messages even if a connection to the Internet isn't established
  • intranet mail
  • automatic dialing occurs at defined periods, or if the number of outgoing messages exceeds a defined limit
  • week dialing scheduler
  • enhanced support of the ETRN command makes the full SMTP server applicable even on a switched telephone line
  • restriction of clients' relaying to the SMTP server can be configured to prevent the use of the server for spamming
  • carbon copy of incoming and outgoing messages to file
  • mailer masquerade enables the administrator to set the domain name in mail headers
  • configurable resend if any transfer errors occur
  • shorter interval between mail exchanges if switched line is connected
  • configurable timeouts in communication with Internet mail servers
  • configurable maximum length of outgoing messages
  • SMTP supports unlimited number of recipients of one message
  • it is possible to define list of external email addresses

Access restrictions and security

  • a list of enabled LAN segments and/or enabled IP addresses of Proxy+ users
  • access restrictions for listed or unlisted URLs
  • access restrictions by time, content type (pictures, MP3, ....) or service (FTP, RealAudio, ...)
  • each computer can use its own restrictions

Further features

  • user list with grouping ability
  • is configured via a WWW interface, access to the interface can be restricted
  • display of status information (mail transfers, dialing,..)
  • log files about dialing, mail processing, errors, and security violations information
  • WWW server for intranet
  • customizable error messages
  • customizable AccessLog.TXT logfile format
  • each parent proxy (parent or sibling) can have username/password assigned
  • customizable Content-Type association table


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