Off By One Web Browser SSL Support

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Overview

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the communications protocol used for navigating to "https:" addresses. This protocol provides secure, encrypted communication between the Web browser and the Web server. It is typically used by sites that request or display confidential information such as online banks, brokerages and shopping sites that accept credit cards.

SSL Support in the Off By One Browser

SSL support in the Off By One browser relies on two Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files, SSLeay32.DLL and libeay32.DLL, developed by the OpenSSL Project. When these two DLL files are present then SSL support is available, which means that you can browse secure sites with "https://..." addresses.

When these two DLL files are not present you cannot use SSL to securely access "https:" addresses. You can still browse regular "http:" addresses, and you can even access some of the more relaxed "https:" sites by enabling "Fake SSL" (on the Options menu), but Fake SSL does not provide secure communications and should not be used to send or receive confidential data.

OpenSSL Installation

The OpenSLL DLL files SSLeay32.DLL and libeay32.DLL do not require any special installation procedure, they just need to be present in order to be automaticaly utilized by the browser. The two DLL files are typically placed in the same folder as the browser executable file ob1.exe, but they can be placed anywhere on the system PATH (e.g. C:\Windows\system32).

The standard Off By One Setup kit copies the OpenSSL DLLs SSLeay32.DLL and libeay32.DLL to the installation directory. The standard ZIP distribution includes these files. But they are strictly optional.

The OpenSSL DLL files are not necessary for the normal functioning of the Off By One browser. If the OpenSSL DLL files are not present, the browser still operates normally but without SSL support.

The browser automatically detects and adjusts to the presence or absence of the OpenSSL DLLs. You can also manually select the SSL support style via the Options menu "SSL Support" option.

OpenSSL Credits

The OpenSSL DLLs include software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (

The OpenSSL DLLs include cryptographic software written by Eric Young.

The OpenSSL DLLs include software written by Tim J. Hudson.

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