Off By One Web Browser Overview

Reasons To Use The Off By One Browser

  • You want an independent online/offline Web browser that loads and runs quickly and reliably on all Windows systems.

  • You need a secure browser that protects your identity when browsing and leaves no track of where you've been.

  • You prefer to browse the Web without pop-up, pop-over and pop-under advertising windows.

  • You need to distribute a lightweight, consistent browser that behaves identically on all Windows platforms.

  • You need a browser that can run directly from a floppy, CD, ZIP etc. without installation.

Off By One Browser Features

  • Implements full HTML 3.2 support plus many HTML 4.0 extensions, including Frames.

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support provided by optional OpenSSL libraries for secure navigation to https:// addresses.

  • Incorporates a tabbed browsing interface.

  • Extras include image animation, WAV and AVI playback and the ability to automatically launch external applications for file types that are not supported internally.

  • Packaged in one self-contained 1.2 MB application. Can be compressed down to about 460KB for distribution.

  • Completely self-contained, does not require the presence of any other browser.

  • Does not require any installation, browser can be run directly from a CD or over a network.

  • Has a unique Find-In-Files feature that can search the non-tag text of multiple HTML files.

  • Has a unique image zoom option.

Off By One Browser Limitations

  • No JavaScript support (so no pop-up ad windows).

  • No applet, plug-in or Flash support.
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