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Failu krātuve :: RSS_Live_Links/ petition banner
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Provides bookmark-like links to items from configured RSS feeds

Enjoy Firefox-style RSS Live Bookmarks in Google Chrome.

For those who like Firefox "Live Bookmarks", this is a browser extension that provides a similar, even THE SAME, capability: 

        EITHER - you can read your feeds' headlines directly from a menu-style pop-up 
          without having to go to the home page or a specialized reader,

        OR you can set up REAL Bookmark folders with REAL bookmarks a-la REAL
          Firefox Live Bookmarks.


	* Automatic visual and audible notification of updates to subscribed feeds.
	* Menu-style pop-up list of subscribed feeds, with visual distinction between 
	  new, unread, and read feeds.
	* Click on a feed to see a list of its items, with visual distinction between 
	  new, unread, and read items.
	* Configurable "visual distinction" options for each "seen-state".
	* Bulk open actions.
        * Keyboard shortcuts for navigating feeds and items
        * Fully localized (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, and Swedish
          translations so far).
        * And, Again, (for Anti-FUD) RSS Live Links DOES support REAL Chrome
          Bookmark Folders with REAL bookmarks in them - just like Firefox Live
          Bookmarks (and has done for ages).

RSS Live Links can be registered as an RSS reader with the "RSS Subscriptions" and "RSS Subscriptions Plus" extensions, or use the built-in feed detection facility to subscribe to feeds found in current tabs.

User quote: "RSS Live Links is the only thing missing from Firefox now"!

Known issues:

        * Versions of Chrome since 14.0.835.186 have a problem whereby Windows
          and Mac users MAY see that their feeds do not update after the machine is
          awoken from a suspended/sleep state. Please see the release notes for more
          details. A bug has been reported - issue 98653.
	* "real" live bookmarks have certain behavioral restrictions due to the nature
	  of the Chrome extension bookmarks API. See the help file for details.
	* Note, this is a "browser" extension, not a "page" extension. Therefore 
	  it CANNOT place an icon IN the title bar (e.g. for available feeds).

NOTE: The Google WebStore no longer sorts comments by date. It is, therefore,
           very difficult to see the latest comments. Consequently I cannot provide
           support via the comment system (until Google fixes this), and, so, support
           is via EMAIL ONLY - to martinDOTjDOTbartlettATgmailDOTcom.

See the Release Notes and Help web pages (under "Extension Support", on the right) for information pertaining to the latest changes.

Support is by email - to martinDOTjDOTbartlettATgmailDOTcom.

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