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Failu krātuve :: JGR/ petition banner
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JGR (speak 'Jaguar') is a universal and unified Graphical User 
Interface for R (it actually abbreviates Java Gui for R). JGR was 
introduced at the useR! meeting in 2004 and there is an introductory 
article in the Statistical Computing and Graphics Newsletter Vol 16 
nr 2 p9-12 

JGR for Windows and Mac OS X consists of two parts: JGR R package 
which is available from CRAN and JGR launcher. The latter is a small 
program that starts JGR from its R package. It can be also used to 
install all necessary packages. Consider updating JGR from CRAN 
(e.g. via update.packages()) periodically to have the latest 
bugfixes etc.

Windows users: if you have more than one JDK version installed, you 
can use this tiny tool to select the default version that will be 
used with JGR: jselect.exe, jselect-x64.exe.

The Windows launcher accepts the following optional command line
--debug - show debugging info and create c:/jgrdebug.txt (must be
          the first parameter if used)
--rforge - use for package installation instead of CRAN
           (useful to install latest development packages)
--libpath=xxx - set librarypath
--rhome=xxx - set R_HOME 


If you are using one of the most popular Linux distributions, read 
our Linux tips page. First, make sure you have R shared library 
(, i.e. R was compiled with --enable-R-shlib). Then simply 
run in R (possibly as root for system-wide installation):


The run script is generated automatically, see the instruction 
during the above process. Note: If you encounter a problem when 
loading rJava on a unix platform, please make sure that your Java is 
set up properly and R is configured with Java support - in R 2.4.0 
or higher simply run the following as root:

R CMD javareconf

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