Pattern Analysis, Spatial Statistics, and Geographic Exegesis

by Dr. Michael S. Rosenberg (Webpage)

PASSAGE is a software package designed to aid in the analysis of data in a spatial context. PASSAGE is a work in constant (sporadic and slow, but constant) progress. Any suggestions or comments on ways to improve the program, procedure to add, etc., would be greatly appreciated. My email is

PASSAGE should run on any PC-compatible machine running Windows95 or better. It has no specific processor/RAM/space requirements beyond that, other than (as with many programs) the more RAM/free disk space, the better it will run.

NCEAS Logo For more information on spatial analysis, see the webpage for the NCEAS working group "Integrating the Statistical Modeling of Spatial Data in Ecology." This page includes links to a number of papers published in a special issue (Volume 25, Issue 5) of the journal Ecography.

Following is an overview of the procedures that can be performed in PASSAGE. More details are available in the manual.

Download PASSAGE

This is a ~14 Meg executable that will install the program, helpfile, manual, and support files. If there is a need to have the installation broken into smaller segments (e.g., floppy disks), please let me know. The large file size is primarily due to the manual.

If you have an older version of PASSAGE installed, you will be required to uninstall it before installing the newer version.

I now request an email address when you download PASSAGE. This is simply used as a means to track the number of users. You may also choose at this time to be added to a mailing list to be informed about PASSAGE updates (you can still email individually as before). Note: These addresses will be used for NO other purposes and will never be given to a 3rd party.

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If you are having problems downloading PASSAGE, try clicking here.

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