JUICE in Windows Vista

Troubleshooting 1

The JUICE program was written in previous versions of Windows system and Vista logic does not support some operations which were possible to do. Espetially the communication with other programs is much more difficult due to the system of user hierarchy and limited access to some directories. Problems were detected in TWINSPAN, R-project and SYN-TAX drived from JUICE, which were installed into the directory 'c:\Program files'.  'c:\Program files' folders on Vista have special permissions: only the service TrustedInstaller has full access to them. Users, the System and even Admin have limited access.


1. install the JUICE program outside of 'c:\Program files'.

2. If the problem occurs when you have installed all programs (as me :-), switch off all account support and protection:

a) Press Windows key and select 'Settings' and 'Control Panels'.

b) Select the icon 'User accounts':

c) Switch off the tool for support of user account hierarchy.

d) Restart computer. 


This operation a little bit decreases the protection of your system, but on the other hand it increases your accessibility in many programs. I recommend to install some good antivirus instead of user account protection.
If You are not familiar with this operation system and you have more fatal problems (like me), it is perhaps better to downgrade Vista to XP... 

Troubleshooting 2

The message 'Out of memory' occurs during the first program running after the installation. This problem is generated by Windows firewall.


a) Press Windows key and select 'Settings' and 'Control Panels'.

b) Select the icon 'Security center':

c) Select Windows Firewall:

d) on the tab Exceptions switch on the JUICE program.

JUICE installation

The JUICE uses a new dynamic data library UNICOWS.DLL, which is saved into 'c:\WINDOWS\system32' path. If this DLL is installed in your computer, the temporary error may occur during installation. however, it has no influence on installation success.

If this library will not be installed properly, it affects only the visualisation of Asian characters in national names. The library may be downloaded from here and added manually into your system.






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