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EcoSim is an interactive computer program for null model analysis in community ecology. EcoSim runs in the Windows 95 (or later) operating environment.

EcoSimversion 7.72, (updated: July 17, 2005), includes the following null models:

1. Co-Occurrence
2. Macroecology
3. Niche Overlap
4. Size Overlap
5. Species Diversity
6. Standard Tests
7. Guild Structure

EcoSim Version 7.72 adds larger matrix analysis capability to some modules and corrects a minor problem in the Standard Tests Regression module. If you're using the Regression module, please download this update. Also, Version 7.72 allows larger data sets to be analyzed in both the co-occurrence and the Niche Overlap modules! It also includes a major revision of the Size Overlap module (and corrects a minor problem in the Size Histogram displays). We've added more options and a clearer interface. If you're using Size Overlap, please download this update.

EcoSim allows you to test for community patterns with non-experimental data. EcoSim performs Monte Carlo randomizations to create “pseudo-communities” (Pianka 1986), then statistically compares the patterns in these randomized communities with those in the real data matrix. These null model tests have wide applicability in both applied and basic ecology. Kinds of questions you can ask with EcoSim are:

1) Is the species richness and evenness of unpolluted streams significantly different from that of polluted streams?

2) Is there evidence for unusual segregation in diet or perching microhabitats of co-occurring lizard species?

3) Does the taxonomic diversity of an avian island community differ from that of the adjacent mainland source pool?

EcoSim's Help file introduces you to null model analysis and shows you how to use EcoSim for null model tests to analyze your own data. Tutorials, default settings, and sample data sets are included with each model. EcoSim's input and output screens are friendly and easy to use.

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