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Public Downloads

A number of resources are available to the public, as well as a preview of the additional downloads that are available to ODA members.


The DRX SDK allows users to create extensions for DWGdirect-based applications. DRX applications can access the data in a DWG/DXF drawing file, add custom commands to the global DWGdirect command stack, and create custom objects and entities. The SDK can be used to create DRX modules only, not stand-alone applications. DRX modules are Microsoft® Windows® DLLs which can be loaded at runtime by a compatible DWGdirect host application.


OpenDWG® Specification

The ODA specification for the OpenDWG file format provides the complete results of investigations of the DWG file format. Included are specifications for the header, entities, table entries (including layers, linetypes, views, viewports, styles, UCSs, dimension styles, and registered applications), objects, raster images, object maps, and bookkeeping information. The OpenDWG specification is in rich text format.


Open Design Alliance and its members have created the following free utilities, based on the OpenDWG Libraries, for unrestricted, non-commercial use. Please note that inclusion of any utility in a commercial product does require commercial licensing, unless otherwise stated in the product description. ODA members are encouraged to create and share their own utilities with the CAD community.


Free DWG Viewer, from Informative Graphics Corporation. The Free DWG Viewer is powered by Brava!® using DWGdirect™ and supports the viewing of DWG, DXF, DWF and CSF formats as a Microsoft® Windows desktop program and web page ActiveX component.

EveryDWG.zip – "EveryDWG File Converter"

Windows application that converts files back and forth between DWG and DXF formats. The current version is based on DWGdirect 2.7.1, and now supports wildcards for input file specification (allowing DXF files to be used as input).

OpenDGNViewer.zip – "DGN File Viewer"

OpenDGN™ Viewer is a DGNdirect-based application which supports viewing of V7 and V8 DGN files.  

DSNIFF.zip – "DWG Sniffer"

Tests DWG files for possible corruption. Scans DWG files in Release 11-15 formats and verifies the error checking information contained within them. Files that fail this test are reported as corrupt. Accepts wildcard filenames and will optionally check subdirectories recursively.


Performs a binary dump of an R12 or prior DWG file.


Performs a binary dump of an R13/R14 DWG file.

Preview of Member Downloads

The following files are available to ODA members after logging in to the ODA Member Area:


DWGdirect supports a wide range of database operations, contains read/write support for DWG/DXF files, and contains rendering support. DWGdirect is available for the following platforms:

Windows (32-bit) SGI Solaris
Windows (64-bit) Macintosh HP
Windows CE Linux X86 IBM AIX


DWGdirectX is an ActiveX control driven by DWGdirect. The download package includes samples for using DWGdirectX in both Visual Basic and Delphi.

NEW! DWGdirect.NET

DWGdirect.NET is a managed .NET component which makes DWGdirect technology available to .NET programmers. DWGdirect.NET can be used on Windows XP and Windows Vista.  An alpha release of DWGdirect.NET is scheduled for early 2009.


ADTdirect is a library collection that allows you to display, create, modify and render ADT custom objects.


C3Ddirect is a library collection that allows you to display and render C3D custom objects. Future versions are being developed to create and modify C3D objects.


The DGNdirect libraries provide the ability to create programs that read and use the data contained in a Bentley Systems MicroStation® V8 DGN file. The current beta version will also load most V7 files. DGNdirect uses the OpenDGN specification from Bentley Systems.

OpenDWG® Toolkit Libraries (Legacy)

OpenDWG Toolkit enables you to write C or C++ language programs that read and write DWG and DXF files outside of Autodesk® AutoCAD®, thus greatly improving the speed and convenience of processes utilizing information contained within DWG files. The following platforms are supported:

DEC Alpha NT IBM RS/6000 AIX Sun Solaris 1
DEC Alpha VMS Linux Sun Solaris 2
DEC Alpha Unix Macintosh Microsoft Windows
HP 700 Series, HP/UX Silicon Graphics

OpenDWG® Viewkit Libraries (Legacy)

OpenDWG Viewkit is a general purpose vectorizer for DWG and DXF files that runs on top of OpenDWG Toolkit, our read/write product, and provides functions that break a DWG file into the vectors and filled regions which compose its visual representation. The following platforms are supported:

DEC Alpha NT IBM RS/6000 AIX Sun Solaris 1
DEC Alpha VMS Linux Sun Solaris 2
DEC Alpha Unix Silicon Graphics Microsoft Windows
HP 700 Series, HP/UX