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FRAGSTATS is a computer software program designed to compute a wide 
variety of landscape metrics for categorical map patterns.The original 
software (version 2) was released in the public domain during 1995 in 
association with the publication of a USDA Forest Service General 
Technical Report (McGarigal and Marks 1995). Since then, hundreds of 
professionals have enjoyed the use of FRAGSTATS. Due to its popularity, 
the program was completely revamped in 2002 (version 3). Recently, the 
program was upgraded to accommodate ArcGIS10 (version 3.4). The latest 
release (version 4) reflects a major revamping of the software, with a 
completely redesigned architecture intended to support the addition of 
cell-level metrics and surface pattern metrics, among other things. The 
current release of version 4 (v4.2) has essentially the same 
functionality as version 3, but with a new user interface that reflects 
the redesign of the model architecture, support for additional image 
formats, and a variety of sampling methods for analyzing 

ESRI ArcGIS Users -- FRAGSTATS 4.2 can read ESRI ArcGrids (or Rasters) 
as the input data format, but you must have a valid license for Spatial 
Analyst and it only works with ArcGIS version 10.0 or earlier (however, 
if you have a later version you can always work with other data formats 
such as geotiffs with FRAGSTATS). Note, subsequent versions of 
FRAGSTATS (i.e., >4.2) will no longer support ESRI ArcGrids due to 
continual conflicts with the ESRI license manger updates. All future 
releases will use GeoTIFFS as the primary data format, although several 
other data formats will be supported.

About The Developers

The original version of FRAGSTATS (v2), published in 1995, was 
developed by Dr. McGarigal and Barbara Marks of Oregon State 
University. Ms. Marks was the programmer and primary technical support 
person for the original release.

Version 3 was developed by Dr. Kevin McGarigal with programming by 
Eduard Ene and additional programming assistance by Chris Holmes. Chris 
Holmes was responsible for the initial reprogramming. Eduard Ene, an 
independent consultant and associate of the UMass Landscape Ecology 
Lab, is now the principal programmer. Dr. Sam Cushman and Dr. Maile 
Neel provided valuable input during the development and testing of 
version 3.

Version 4 is currently the development version and is being developed 
and supported by Dr. McGarigal and Dr. Cushman with programming by 
Eduard Ene.

Dr. McGarigal is the primary contact person for questions and comments 
regarding all versions of FRAGSTATS. 

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