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Digital Music Notebook is more than a new piece of software for learning and practicing music,
and it's more than an online music store. It's both! The cutting edge features of the free
Digital Music Notebook player program along and the ever expanding catalog of songs and lesson
books from the Digital Music Notebook online store combine to create a new and exciting system
for learning music with your PC.

The Digital Music Notebook player is your gateway to all of the innovative learning features
of the Digital Music Notebook system. The player is a standalone PC program which is free
to download. And, since the online store at is integrated directly
into the player, you can search for new songs, download and make purchases whenever you want
to without having to use another program.

Learn Keys

Use the Keyboard Lesson feature to practice songs along with the score and audio playback.
Once you connect your keyboard to Digital Music Notebook, this tool can also help you gauge
your progress by grading your performances. After playing through a song, the Keyboard Lesson
tool will give you a score based on your rhythmic and melodic accuracy which can help you
address problem areas in your performance.

Learn Chords

Follow along with a song’s guitar part using the Guitar Chord View. The easy-to-read chord
charts show the chord changes in time with the song’s playback.


Turn your PC into a karaoke machine with the Karaoke lyrics display. Use the Karaoke tool
to read lyrics and chords in perfect synchronization with the audio playback.

Mix Music

The Mixer panel gives you real time control of the song's mix, with volume faders, as well
as mute and solo buttons for each individual track. You can also change the which instrument
sounds are used for playback by right-clicking on each instrument name. With this tool, you
can be assured you hear only what you want, when you want.

Easy Song Arranger

Change the style of a song with the Easy Song Arranger. Whether you want a Latin beat or
a rock background, Digital Music Notebook makes it easy for you hear any song in whatever
style you choose.

Transpose and Tempo

Adjust the tempo or change keys with just the click of a mouse. Not only can you play back
and practice songs in any key and at any speed you want, Digital Music Notebook also makes
it easy to print out transposed scores.


With the player's built in record function, you can store and play back your own performances
of Digital Music Notebook songs. Just connect your keyboard to Digital Music Notebook, load up
a song from your library and press the record button to record your performance.


Print out hard copies of all songs and lesson books. You can also print songs in any key you
choose by using the transpose feature.

Use with Keyboard

Plug a Midi-enabled keyboard into your computer to link Digital Music Notebook to your
keyboard's built-in features, such as recording, and Keyboard Lesson, or transfer compatible
Keyboard Sync songs into your keyboard's internal memory.

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