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Failu krātuve :: DynamicDraw/ petition banner
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Dynamic Draw is a vector graphics editor.

It is useful for making flowcharts, line drawings,
 org charts, buttons, etc. It is an object-oriented
 drawing and design program. It has intelligent linking
 system. You can link two objects with easy operation,
 and the linking system keep the layout balance of
 the objects even if you move the object.

It can export the graphics image as SVG, JPG, TIFF,
 PNG, EMF, WMF, PSD, BMP. It supports OLE. You can copy
 objects and paste on other applications as OLE. And
 you can paste on it as OLE from other applications.

About Thought Tickler
(Formerly named as History Recorder)

Thought Tickler is a thought processing (or idea
 processing) program that's built upon Dynamic Draw.
 Dynamic Draw is the "engine" that provides the drawing
 functions for Thought Tickler.

Because Dynamic Draw is the foundation for Thought
 Tickler, when you install Thought Tickler, you also
 install the fully-functional Dynamic Draw. Therefore,
 this version of Dynamic Draw may be used by itself.
 However, Dynamic Draw and Thought Tickler present
 different interfaces to the user; it is best to regard
 them as separate applications.

Another application that's built on Dynamic Draw is
 Thought Retriever. We recommend that you think of
 Thought Tickler as a suite of two related
 applications. In general, we will refer to the suite
 as "Thought Tickler." Thought Retriever is described

How Thought Tickler can be Used

Two ways that Thought Tickler can be used are for
the processes of developing ideas and for creative

All people do not think in the same ways; it is unfair
 to expect everyone to do their best in ways that are
 not appropriate for them. Thought Tickler is
 especially useful for people whose thinking processes
 naturally work with spacial elements, with images, and
 with loosely-connected random ideas whose structures
 and relationships emerge in their consciousness while
 the development process takes place.

Thought Tickler is an aid for non-traditional idea
 work: thinking styles that aren't usually taught
 by instructors in their classrooms nor supported
 by textbooks. Thought Tickler lends itself to
 the creative free-form working development of concepts
 and the inter-relationships between tasks and their
 sequences. This is the way that many of our famous
 inventors and innovators have devised their concepts
 and their strategies. However, while the user builds
 diagrams and relationships within them, links between
 the parts can be "hard wired."

Thought Tickler can be used in conjunction with
 conventional business planning tools such as PERT and
 GANTT charts. In this scenario, Thought Tickler would
 aid the development of concepts and the relationships
 between their component concerns. Later, for example,
 a PERT chart could be used to graph out an actual
 plan, and a GANTT chart could specify a timetable
 of the whole as well as subsidiary timetables for
 the component tasks.

Thought Retriever

One important capability offered by Thought Tickler is
 that the process of developing the ideas can be
 re-viewed at any point in time. Thought Retriever is
 the tool that provides this function. With Thought
 Retriever, the user may revisit the parts of
 the diagram as they existed in the past, including
 label content before the text was changed.

These are only a few hints about how you may use this
 program suite. Thought Tickler has been, itself,
 creatively developed. We suggest that you use your own
 creativity with Thought Tickler, and we'd appreciate
 your reporting how you used this software for yourself
 so that we may share your experiences with other
 users. We also welcome your suggestions for
 improvements and usability. We warmly encourage you
 to discover ways to employ this software that go far
 beyond the imaginations of the programmer and this


    * Intel Pentium3 or equivalent processor
    * 1G-MHz or faster speed 


    * 512 MB or grater (Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003)
    * 1 GB or grater (Windows Vista/7/Server 2008) 


    * Color 16 bit (65000 color) or more
    * 1024 x 768 or higher-resolution 

Hard disk

    * 200 MB of available hard-disk space 

Operating system

    * Microsoft Windows 2000
    * Microsoft Windows XP
    * Microsoft Windows Vista
    * Microsoft Windows Vista (x64)
    * Microsoft Windows 7
    * Microsoft Windows 7 (x64)
    * Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    * Microsoft Windows Server 2008 


    * Windows Media Player 9 or later (If you wish to
      play video aids.) 

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