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Light Microscopy
Laser Scanning Microscopy
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Light Microscopy
This software allows a convenient configuration of the motorized stands Axioplan 2, Axioplan 2 imaging, Axioplan 2 imaging e, Axiovert 100, Axiovert 200 and Axioskop 2 applying an illustrated graphical user interface.

The Micro Toolbox
This software is the appropriate interface for all currently available microscopes from Carl Zeiss

Modular Image Analysis
new Update for AxioVision 4.7
Replaces your AxioVision installation with version 4.7.1

Service Pack 1 for AxioVision 4.6.3

Tips,Tricks and imaging workshops
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AxioVision Release 4.7 Pre-Installation-Fix
has to be run before installation of
the new AxioVision Release 4.7 from DVD # 30.

AxioVision LE for Windows
Download AxioVision LE the freeware version of our popular imaging software for image analysis and digital microscopy.

Service Pack 1 for AxioVision 4.5

„No dongle for AxioVision 4.x (xy licence number)“
Assistance: What can you do if this error message occurs?

ISV certified graphics card driver

ATI FireGL V5200, V3400, V7350, V5600,V8650
Windows Vista Driver for graphics card of workstations R640 and R650

ATI FireGL V5200, V7350, V3400, V5600, V8650
Windows XP SP2 Driver for graphics card of workstations R640, R650 and Mini Workstation

ATI FireGL MV2250
Windows Vista Driver for graphics card of mini workstation Esprimo E5925

ATI FireGL MV2250
Windows XP SP2 Driver for graphics card of mini workstation Esprimo E5925
Laser Scanning Microscopy
Microscopy software for confocal microscope systems:

new ZEN 2008 LE
ZEN 2008 LE offers the same features as the full version of ZEN. This holds especially true for the improvement in the performance of the graphical user interface.
  • Process, measure or display your LSM images in 3D.
  • Order and manage your image data using the ZEN File Browser.
  • Use all acquisition parameters and share your images through a variety of Export formats.

LSM Image Browser
Traditional Imaging Software for LSM - Release 4.2 with Calculation of single 3D projections (transparency or maximum modes), Orthogonal Section View and much more

Servicepack 1.1 for ZEN 2008
Read Important Notes
ZEN 2008 Servicepack 1.1

Servicepack 1 for ZEN 2007

Service Pack 1, 2 and 3
for Software Release V 2.5, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 4.0 and 4.2

LSM/FCS Software for LSM 510, LSM 5 PASCAL , ConfoCor 2, LSM 510 - ConfoCor 2 Combination, LSM 510 / LSM 51 META with ConfoCor 3

LSM 5 Macros
For Release 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.2

Carl Zeiss CellScience
Carl Zeiss is proud to announce the release of LaserSharp2000 Version 6.
Download Driver
For users of the Carl Zeiss USB Stick "Carl Zeiss: FluoresScience" who might detect problems by using it with Windows 98.